Daxler Energy is a joint venture between Industrial and Derya and is a technology company that produces innovative solar panels, offers solar equipment and solar energy solutions.

Who we are

The most rational and effective way to reduce the effects of global climate change is to meet the indispensable energy needs of industry and individuals with solar energy, which is the most rational, economical and environmentally friendly renewable energy source.

With the mission of accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy, Daxler Energy has invested in a solar panel production factory with the aim of becoming a global brand as an honest, reliable, principled energy company of the 21st century with less cost and more sustainable energy.

Daxler Energy manufactures photovoltaic panels in its massive factory of 100,000 square meters in Konya’s 4th Organized Industrial Zone. Applying artificial intelligence and Micro Gap technologies in a fully automated production line we manufacture high quality and efficient 158.75, 166,18X and 210 cells as well as Mono/Poly, PERC, Non-Destructive Cut, 1/2 Half-Cut Cells and 1/3 Triple Cut Cells, Bifacial, Glass-Glass new generation solar panels. With our module production capacity reaching 1 GW, we have an important position in the domestic as well as export markets.

Our customer-oriented quality processes, built on R&D and design, are constantly audited by impartial surveillance organizations in the international accreditation chain. Our panels, produced with the photovoltaic PV module safety qualification standard IEC61730 and module design qualification standard IEC61215, have TSE, TÜV, CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 certificates and have implemented type test tests within its body, Daxler Energy provides a quality management system for international collaborations that are planned to invest. continues its restructuring and works on new investment strategies

Daxler Energy will “Energise Your Business!” with its innovative

  • Solar Power Plants (SPP)
  • On-Grid Rooftop Solar Power Plants
  • Hybrid SPP Projects
  • On-Grid and Off-Grid Systems
  • Solar Powered Irrigation Systems (SPIS)
  • Invertor and Electrical Box Applications
  • Solar Lighting Systems

For a sustainable Future

  • Right Address, Ideal Choice for All Energy Systems
  • Primary Customers Value
  • Privileged Brand Sense
  • Perfect BOM Compatibility
  • Concept Module Design / Advanced Configuration
  • Guaranteed Durability, Long Life
  • High Module Efficiency, Effective Cost Savings
  • Optimum ROI (Return of Investment) / Lowest BOS (Balance of System)
  • Superior Quality / ISO9001-IS014001-ISO45001
  • 12 Years Product / 25 Years Linear Performance Warranty